A place for everyone

Ministries & Communities

Our mission is to invite people into a life-giving relationship with Jesus. Whether that’s for our kids, teenagers or other groups, we want to create opportunities that speak directly to any age or demographic.

Members of a ministry in prayer during a meeting at Vortex Church in Albemarle, North Carolina


We desire for our space to be where kids feel both emotionally and physically safe and we accomplish this by leveraging a check out system involving claim tags and volunteers who are background checked and specifically trained.

We Love Moms & Dads

We recognize that God has called parents to be the primary faith-nurturers of children, therefore, we choose to partner with each family as they provide spiritual direction for the next generation.


What does a Vortex students experience look like?

Vortex Students is the middle school and high school community of Vortex Church. Our vision is to create life giving relationships with Jesus, peers, and leaders. As a ministry, we are committed to create a space where the next generation can be loved, belong, grow, and encounter God. You can expect to have a lot of fun, to grow, and connect with God, peers, and leaders. Our values as a ministry are service, growth, connection, enjoyment, and leadership. Every Wednesday throughout the month, we create different spaces called Tribe Nights to live out those values with our students!

Student Tribe Nights begin at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights at Vortex Downtown.

No Wednesday Services during June & July.


2nd Wednesday of the month

Tribe Night Grow is a large group setting where we will have games, our student band lead us in worship, hear a Christ-centered message geared towards students, and a response time at the end for them to be prayed over.

TRIbe night: connect

3rd Wednesday of the month

Tribe Night Connect is designed to build connections with Jesus, peers, and leaders. The students will break into small groups, engage in a short message centered around Jesus, and be able to share together what's happening in their lives.

A group of women joined together at a table during a group meeting at Vortex Church in Albemarle, North Carolina
Genuine Relationships + Discipleship

Small Groups

Vortex Small Groups are key to developing connections with those who share your interests or can come alongside you in life’s harder moments while you grow in your walk with the Lord. Groups meet once a week in homes, businesses, restaurants, or at the church. The groups change and begin again three times a year, so you have the opportunity to try out different ones. You’ll never fully experience all that Vortex Church has to offer until you connect in a small group!

If you’re interested in joining or leading a group, fill out this form and a leader will be in contact soon!

Women's Ministry

A community of women encouraging each other throughout life

We believe that God created us to be in relationship with Him and others. Whether single, married, a mom or an empty-nester—we believe women need to share life and laughter as they grow in their faith.

A group of women in the women's ministry sit around a table at Vortex Church in Albemarle, North Carolina

Men's Ministry

Two members of the mens ministry at Vortex Church in Albemarle, North Carolina

Encourage, challenge, and Equip

Just as iron sharpens iron, we believe men need each other to challenge, equip, and encourage one another to follow God and live life well. Regardless of age or background, from businessman to outdoorsman, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in our men's ministry.


When people pray, lives are changed!

At Vortex, we believe fervent, heart-felt prayer is key to seeing people come to Jesus and experience transformation and supernatural growth.

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Two church members put their heads down in prayer at Vortex Church in Albemarle, North Carolina